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What is Char-Latte Creations?
If you were looking for something different you just found it. Char-Latte Creations are one of a kind, custom made pieces of artwork jewelry. The jewelry is made out of old non-working pocket watches, vintage watches, belt buckles, salt and pepper shakers, vintage jewelry, vintage earrings, Victorian buckles, and anything else that I can see a creation in. Let us know your needs and we can assist you with it even if it’s about coworking space nyc.

What is a Pocket Watch Collage?
A pocket watch collage (PWC) is a miniature canvas of art. I take old, broken, non-working pocket watches and find new uses for them. I create one of a kind, unique jewelry art full of vintage pieces of time. So many old items no longer have a useful, or popular purpose so I have found purpose for them. Many of my pieces of work consist of a solo earring, unused vintage pin, cuff links, original gears, watch faces, buttons, and much more. I recycle history, craftsmanship, and time into a beautiful conversation piece. Some PWC have pieces of the 1800s to the 1950’s inside of them, never to be duplicated. By taking old memories I am making new ones.